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      >First , what is “SNS”?
      >About how to register for SNS and how to use it.
      >What becomes after register for SNS?
      >Let's add to your friends!
      >The various the way of usages for SNS.
      >What happen when you retrieve your friend by personal information?
      >Is it really the person who was registered with personal information?
      >General method of registration of a friend for SNS.
      >Connect with a stranger is danger?
      >Is it all right even if you meat a people who got to know in SNS?
      >The information that you send or someone send it to.
      >Summary of this theme.

  ・Internet shopping
      >Internet shopping in our life.
      >What is the trouble about Inter shopping?
      >When you have push a purchase button by your mistake?
      >Can we cancel the contract?
      >What become of you when your credit card is misused?
      >What is the trouble about Internet auction?
      >When to be swindle of Internet auction?
      >To pay attention of something to buying and selling that use Internet.
      >Summary of this theme.

  ・Social games
      >First, what is the “social game”?
      >What is the fascinate of the social game?
      >About development of the social game.
      >You may spend much money before you knew it.
      >Be careful about the excess of playing!
      >What is “Comp Gacha”
      >Summary of this theme.

      >First, what is "Spoofing"?
      >Is the Spoofing a crime?
      >How is about the activity that uses others' ID?
      >What is a safety password?
      >What is "Phishing"?
      >About recent Spoofing affair.
      >Summary of this theme.

  ・Illegal download
      >Download and copyright
      >Why is illegal download "illegal"?
      >What we mustn't download
      >Criminal penalty for illegal download
      >"Do you know criminal penalty for illegal download?"
      >Summary of this theme

  ・One-click fraud
      >What is one-click fraud?
      >Why is the one-click fraud dangerous?
      > About the fraud similar to the one-click fraud
      >Let’s know the measures method to a one-click fraud
      >Why one-click fraud will be managed?
      >Summary of this theme.

  ・Private information
      >Personal information and Internet.
      >What kind of damage is there when personal information is known?
      >Be careful of information to open the public!
      >Is it all right that input personal information?
      >When you use the computer that isn't yours , what should you do?
      >What is a safe password?
      >Accidents about personal information.
      >Summary of this theme.

  ・Computer virus
      >What is computer virus?
      >Why the computer virus is dangerous?
      >What kind of computer virus?
      >Are there countermeasures?
      >What is antivirus software?
      >Summary of this theme.

  ・Virtual currency
      >For the beginning, what is “Bitcoin”?
      >Who issue Bitcoin?
      >Where is the position of Bitcoin in the world?
      >About management of Bitcoin.
      >How do Bitcoin increase?
      >Let's study Bitcoin's merit.
      >Let's study Bitcoin's demerit.
      >The affairs about Bitcoin.
      >Bitcoin and politics, economies.
      >Summary of this theme.

  ・Cyber terrorism
      >What is cyberterrorism?
      >Why is cyberterrorism dangerous?
      >How do you take measures against cyberterrorism?
      >Various cyberterrorism
      >Why cyberterrorism will be managed?
      >Summary of this theme.

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  ・Virtual currncy worksheet / Example answer
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      >About this game
      >How to play
      >Why is the danger in the Internet increasing?
      >Let's think about the good point in the Internet